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Wooden windows and doors with double glazing, trypan and tetrapan.


Characterized by its noblesse, wood has been one of the first materials to be used by humans. This is something that remains deeply engrained despite the fact that with technological development alternative materials were sought like plastic and Styrofoam.


We here at Amel have preferred going back to nature and offer the world warm and inviting windows and doors made out of solid or laminated wood of the highest quality (despite the fact that in the past we have produced plastic joinery, meaning ‘PVC’).

Wood essence

The variety of wood essences is impressive, but in general whitewood is being used, such as Nordic pine or hardwood, such as oak, sessile oak or linden. An increasingly popular choice is meranti, a wood type from Asia with varying hues and a uniform texture similar to the oak.

Correct drying

After a proper drying (8-12%), the wood for carpentry can be used as such – as solid wood or cut into beams of different shapes and sizes – meaning laminated wood.

Wood was of the first materials used by man, which left a deep mark in our subconscious being the first option chosen for carpentry, even if with the technological development other alternative solutions were tried to be introduced (plastic, polyurethane, etc.).

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A type of wood finish which is more and more desired are pigmented vanishes, probably due to the fact they are better suited for modern designs. The color range here is really impressive, with more than 200 shades in the RAL range. As with unpigmented vanishes, the pigmented ones(“lazura”), contain UV resistant and temperature resistance compounds. Although the wood grain is faded, the pigmented varnishes offer a more visual uniformity, a quality that is preferred by the esthetic perfectionists.


The reliability and durability of wooden windows and doors is provided by the large variety of the European hardware. Here at Amel we choose to work with the best suppliers in the industry. As such, we have chosen ROTO – probably in the top 3 worldwide, as our main supplier of hardware elements for windows and doors.


As you probably know, glass represents most of the time the largest percentage in the surface in a window, so it’s extremely important for it to be of the highest quality. Saint-Gobain is doing its best job here. This is a domain too vast to be detailed here, but our sales and technical consultants can easily answer any of your questions


We use modern production technology and precision installations.


We’ve got excellent results with the thermal protection and sound proofing.


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The solid wood used for joinery the after proper dying (8-12%) can be used as such,- solid, or it can be transformed into beams of various sizes and – laminated, binding pieces of wood together with special adhesives. This type of wood is vastly better than solid wood, but sometimes it alters the design.

Keeping a constant humidity, an essential factor for an extensive lifespan is done using water resistant-high UV resistant varnishes/ The elastic properties are also important to allow the wood to dilate/contract based on the season without allowing cracks to appear.

Culorile din acest paletar sunt cu titlu de prezentare

The water-based varnishes supplied by ICA – a renowned Italian manufacturer in this field, offer a wide range of colors which can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Our customers can choose their favorite shade from over 20 options, successfully combining in many ways the inside or the outside of their building/ Many of our customers ask for a “bicolor” finish, the connoisseurs appreciating our flexibility in high-end finishes.

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