AMEL specialists with over 15 years experience in double glazing joinery, bring to you the innovations that lead to a new generation of windows:



The 4 (four) glass sheets of the new generation of double-glazing windows ensure an extraordinary sound and thermal performance. Used with the appropriate profile (in our case TROCAL-88) we can obtain a robust system.

Polyurethane® double glazing

First of all, a few words about “polyurethane”, this highly versatile material that we often confuse with plastic. Polyurethane is obtained by mixing polyols with isocyanates in special machines called “reactors” that develop a high pressure (over 100 bar). Depending on its hardness, polyurethane can be classified in two categories: rigid (e.g. stroller wheels) or flexible (e.g. bath sponge).

A much improved thermal protection is achieved by filling the space inside the profile with rigid polyurethane. It is known that usual profiles have a lower thermal and sound protection compared with double glazing profiles, which is why many companies switched to use bulkier joinery, with a less pleasant design, increased dimensions and a higher price.

The noise protection is very good due to the fact that the rigid polyurethane acts as a sound-absorbing material when the sound passes through the profile so the noise is considerably reduced.

The windows are more rigid due to the hardness of the polyurethane used; windows made of “slim” profiles are as robust as the superior series (which are bulkier and less esthetic).

The polyurethane is an inert material – environmental friendly, its chemical reaction takes just a few seconds.

termopan cu poliuretan

Avete bisogno di aiuto per scegliere le vostre porte oppure le vostre finestre?


obloane panou poliuretan

Polyurethane panels

The polyurethane panels are a versatile product offering multiple use options, such as the manufacture of shutters with or without frames, for windows, gates, entrance doors, insulation. Being made entirely of polyurethane, the panels produced by AMEL have the advantage of being in accordance with the EU regulations which require the separation of different raw materials.

We produce shutter frames from both polyurethane and aluminum, in various shapes and shades, according to the customer’s request.

The polyurethane panels are an excellent alternative to existing materials, with much better technical characteristics (life span, design, resistance, color, insulation, ecology).

The polyurethane panel shutters are available in all RAL colors.

Transformer Windows

Transform your double-glazing window in a triple-glazing. Great increase of thermal, phonic and solar protection. It brings huge advantages that can be applied to existing systems – that are already mounted on the existent joinery:

-great increase of sound protection (plus 5-6 db)

-exceptional solar protection (interior blinds)

-over 30% increase in thermal protection


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