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TETRAPAN – The new generation of double-glazing windows

The noise in most cities has far exceeded the accepted level, which is why glass specialists have sought solutions to alleviate this phenomenon that generates a high level of stress affecting people’s health.

In this context immerged the TETRAPAN glass, which is the new generation of double-glazing offering unparalleled performance up until now.
The TETRAPAN glass is made of 4 (four) glass sheets instead of two.

Along with the appropriate profile – in our case the Trocal 88 series – the TETRAPAN forms a robust system with extraordinary thermal and sound performance. This German profile is lead-free, therefore environmentally friendly and has 7 thermal/acoustic isolation chambers, and the third gasket – the median – improves significantly the performance of the system as shown on the profile supplier’s website.

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For the robustness of the TETRAPAN window contributes another important element – the 2 mm thick steel reinforcement, which stiffens the profile providing stability over time.

The color variety is impressive, the TETRAPAN system is available in a multitude of wood imitation shades (over 50 different films). The TETRAPAN system can also be painted in over 200 RAL colors that can successfully meet the most demanding color requirements.

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