AMEL interior doors are made of solid, high quality, elegant wood

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AMEL interior doors are made of solid wood. The essence used is the North Pine.

To give a note of elegance, the lstratified wood is covered with oak veneer.

We have a wide palette of colors available, and if necessary we can create the shade desired by the customer. We can paint both sides of the door in different colors.

The frame of the interior doors is also made of solid wood and can be provided with lining (sill) covering the wall.
In the case of very thick walls, we can make special frmes, or we can offer you frame extensions.

AMEL interior doors can be fitted with a sill (lining) on either side or on both sides.

The door leaf can be “full” or glass, and the glass is available in a wide variety of models: sandblasted, with inserts, etc.

All AMEL doors have standard 3 hinges, lock and handles.
As with other AMEL products, the standard warranty is 2 years, but it can be extended up to 10 years.

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