PROFILCO Aluminium Joinery

 Aluminum joinery made of PROFILCO systems is the best price option in terms of quality.

tamplarie aluminiu proflico

The variety of windows and door systems is sufficient to cover most of the demands of those who want good joinery at a highly competitive price. Also, the color variety is extremely generous, therefore we can produce joinery in a wide range of colors:

  • wood imitation: 10 sheets

  • RAL: 200 colors

PR63 is the most used series which comes with the following basic features:

  • profile depth: 63mm

  • polyamide thickness: 24mm

  • double-glazing window: 10…40mm

  • EPDM gaskets: 3

There are five types of PROFILCO sliding systems, the most used being the PR45 series

Avete bisogno di aiuto per scegliere le vostre porte oppure le vostre finestre?


Basic features of PR45 series:

  • triple frame depth: 175 mm

  • opening depth: 45mm

  • opening height: 98mm

  • maximum glass thickness: 32mm

The curved aspect of the moving parts will always delight you with their modern design and fluid lines.

Recommended glass package: 24mm

4mm Low-e – 16 mm – 4mm float

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