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High quality PVC joinery for double-glazing/tetrapan

PVC joinery is made out of  PVC profiles reinforced with additional galvanized steel. There are 3 different product classes: A, B and C. The Class A profile offers the highest quality. To fit in this class, the PVC profile must have thick outer walls of more than 2.8 mm. These features provide the stability and durability of windows and a better protection against noise and temperature changes. Classes B and C have thinner outer walls.

The fittings used are ROTO or VORNE, according to the budget of the project.  Both options are recommendable for normal use – they are guaranteed to over 15,000 closed/open cycles.  The fittings are made of stainless materials, and their functionality is offered by the locking points that must be placed at specific distances.

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The glazing is available in an extraordinary variety: more than 20 types of glass that can be mounted on the joinery either individually or in various combinations of double-glazing or triple-glazing with a thickness of up to 60mm.

Our specialists have come to the conclusion that the two series – FORTE and CLIMA – with profile depths from 70mm to 95mm, can successfully cover almost any request in this field.

AMEL ofers two series of PVC joinery

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