AMEL Rolls

The rolls are successfully used against sunlight, while providing discretion of your home, giving a touch of elegance and refinement to the environment.

The main advantage is that the light in the room can be permanently controlled and the material of the roll protects against UV rays, windows and doors remaining functional. If you have to work all day in front of the computer, if you or wish to watch the TV it is very important to distribute the light correctly.

Exterior Rolls

The exterior rolls contribute to a comfortable temperature in the house during summer and they act as an important thermal barrier during the winter, consistently lowering heating bills.

Well built means half won! This is also true for the protections parasols that have been developed from simple shading elements to a product that can do everything. Exterior rolls are particularly beloved among builders of individual houses because of their modern design and of the following features: noise insulation, protection against wind, extreme weather and burglary.


Avete bisogno di aiuto per scegliere le vostre porte oppure le vostre finestre?



Interior rolls

An alternative to horizontal blinds and functional curtains, interior rolls are made made of textile materials that filter or completely block the light.

Light reflection on monitors is not only unpleasant it is also stressful, so interior shutters were designed just for these reasons. The materials used soothe the overworked eye, remove the reflections and ensure pleasant work or rest conditions during the day, and provide necessary discretion on any activity, day or night.

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