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The shutters are architectural elements with a high aesthetic value that provide dynamism and prestige to the house facade. Regardless of the type of construction chosen (fixed blades, rudder blades, lining or panel), AMEL shutters are extremely strong and stable thanks to the high quality profiles, fittings and accessories used.

Designed primarily as shading elements, the shutters have an essential aesthetic role today for those who want to build or renovate a home. Besides the unique design of the facade, AMEL shutters have an important functional role; light control in the room, impact resistance, sound insulation and additional thermal protection against extreme weather.

Polyurethane shutters

Polyurethane panels are a versatile product that offer multiple options for use in the manufacture of shutters with or without rails, windows, doors, entrance doors, insulation. Being made entirely out of polyurethane, the panels produced by AMEL have the advantage of respecting the EU regulations, which require separation of various materials.

Shutters frames can be made of both polyurethane and aluminum, and at the customer’s request, they can be executed in various sizes shapes and colors.

Shutters made of polyurethane panels are an excellent alternative to existing materials, while having better technical characteristics (lifespan, aesthetics, sturdiness, color, insulation, ecology).

*Shutters with polyurethane panel sare available all RAL colors.

PVC shutters

The AMEL PVC shutters are the most economical thermal, sound and anti-burglary protection system on the Romanian market. The frame is provided with galvanized steel reinforcements to provide the system with exceptional rigidity. The fittings used to manufacture AMEL shutters is guaranteed for 15,000 closed/open cycles. Both white and wood imitation profiles have UV protection, which means that the system’s stability over time is exceptional.

The pvc shutters produced in the AMEL factory are available in the following colors:

-standard white

-wood imitation (5 options)

-RAL colors (over 200 shades)

AMEL assures the assembly throughout the country and offers the possibility to purchase the products without assembly for the small craftsmen or the handy end customers.

The AMEL shutter system is easy to install and helps protect the environment (or your pocket) by the substantial energy savings that can be made by using them.

With AMEL shutters, you can enjoy comfort and peace in your home even at the heart of a busy day in an agitated city.

Types of openings

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Swing Shutters

With a unique design and functionality, wsing wooden shutters can be painted in a broad range of RAL colors or wood imitations which makes them suitable for any architectural style. Available constructive solutions are numerous: fixed or steerable, with mounting frame or mounting directly on the wall.

Sliding shutters

Sliding shutters gives a modern style to the facade. They are easy to use and can be installed on windows with large openings.

Standard sliding system is designed to withstand heavy weight (80-150kg) and double metal rollers are coated in Teflon for smooth and quiet operation.

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