AMEL Oak Joinery

tamplarie lemn stejar

Stratified wood joinery, oak essence, is characterized by its hardness and extended durability. The density of the wood is about 1000 kg / m3, which allows the production of extra large products.

Used with the appropriate fittings, this type of joinery is suitable for all types of openings. Window depths of up to 95mm can be made with glass of up to 60mm thick. Also, this type of joinery can be coated with aluminum.


Avete bisogno di aiuto per scegliere le vostre porte oppure le vostre finestre?



AMEL Oak wood joinery meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. The flexibility and versatility of the oak wood makes it perfect  for both modern and classical designs.

Recommended glass package:
SKN72 -16 mm argon – 6 mm Low-e – 14 mm argon – 4 mm float

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